Sunday, June 1, 2014

Agatha Cardigan

So, it would appear I'm VERY behind in posting! I'm going to try to do a post a day until I get caught up. (Which actually shouldn't take long since I do far more historic costuming than I do modern!)

For starters, my finished Agatha cardigan!

I actually finished and blocked this back in December, but didn't get around to sewing the buttons on until last week. And, I went with some plain pink buttons, preferring to save my fancy, expensive, sparkly pink ones for a future project.

The sleeves took me so long! But, they are pretty!

And, the back view. This was definitely the most complicated knitting project I'd taken on to date, with all the different lace patterns going on. Sadly, I never really wear this sweater. It's really bulky and heavy, yet doesn't provide much warmth, so it's not one I turn to for practical reasons. . . And, it's got lots of space in the shoulder area, which is the opposite of what tends to work for me since I have quite narrow shoulders. Finally, I should have shortened the pattern by quite a bit for my short waist. I thought I might be okay since it's designed to hit at the waist, but it's even too long on the dress form, and on top of that, since my waist is much higher up than the "average" person's, I should have taken out a couple of repeats of the lace pattern. So, it sort of takes up space on my shelf, but, it's so pretty and pink! So there's that. ;)

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