Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just kidding. . .

I was just kidding. . . I meant I would NOT be back any time soon with actual sewing content, ha ha ha!

As it turns out, I decided I needed an all new 18th century ensemble for an event I'm going to this Saturday, so that's taken up a little handful of my time (and gets blogged in my historic sewing blog, of course), and I've also been working on a cosplay costume with my neice, and some random mending. In addition, I've had a lot on my plate in the non-sewing areas of my life.

One of my big projects has been down-sizing my pattern collection, because apparently, I have over 700 patterns! YIKES! That's what happens when you aquire patterns fairly consistently for something like 24 years straight! Especially since I can not resist a cheaply priced box of vintage patterns at a random yard sale or flea market! So I've been finding new homes for a lot of my patterns. . . But also buying a few patterns. I can't help it; I'm a patternaholic! But the patterns I'm buying lately are fewer, and they have to be something seriously special. As my good friend Sarah so accurately described it, I'm "refining" my pattern collection.

So anyhow. I'm really crazy excited for some of my fall sewing projects, which include some of the works-for-my-changing-body-size plans (I've lost five pounds so far - go me!) and I was thinking to give you guys a sneak peek at what I'm doing next. . . But I actually can't decide! So my plan is to get up Sunday morning, pick something, and make it. . . And then hopefully post all about it. We'll see if I actually stick to the plan for once!