Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Babble, and BlogLovin'

While this blog may have been quiet, there's actually a lot going on for me right now! And some of it is even sewing! Now, if I could just focus on one project at a time long enough to 100% finish any one of them, I'd have something to post about. . . ;)

Coming soon: a summery blouse (just needs buttons), an obnoxious sundress (in pieces, partially assembled, all over my sewing room), and then a line-up of fashions geared towards my planned size/shape change. Yes, I know I said way back in April that I was trying to lose weight. I've been starting and stopping traditional diets and exercise options since then, and it seems that now that my metabolism has slowed to that of a real grown-ups, this just doesn't cut it for me any more. But I've done a lot of reading up on nutrition/diets, exercise, and health in general, and I've decided to give the Whole30 challenge a try. So I'm filled with hope that I can nix this belly bulge and get back to my normal size, but in the meantime, I still want to sew pretty things! So stay tuned for some fun dresses that are good choices for shifting sizes, because I've found a few patterns/styles that don't look like maternity, and offer flexibility for size/shape changes, while still looking super cute the whole time!

Oh! And I joined BlogLovin', so do feel free to follow me there! You can do so via this link:
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Okay, I'll be back soon with some actual sewing content!