Friday, July 6, 2012

Bursting Stars Dress

Hope everyone had a happy, fun, safe 4th of July! I know I did, because I was rocking a brand new dress I patterned and made in 1.5 days so I could get to wear it. ;)

I had my husband snap a few pictures in front of our patriotically decorated house. I am making ridiculous faces in all of them, but, here is the least awful of the bunch (and please excuse my railings which are badly in need of some painting):

It was super fun to wear, and at one point, I heard a girl walking behind me whisper to her friend "that's a really cute dress!" which made my night. :)

I think the pattern turned out well, and the fit is perfect, but I really want to try putting some shirring in the back of my next one, because I am in the midst of losing a bit of weight and don't want to hold off on sewing, but also would like the dresses I make this summer to continue to fit post-weight loss!

Oh, and I scored these awesome sunglasses for $5 at this little craft+stuff sale they had going on in my town for 4th of July:

Hello Kitty for the win! :)