Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First sweater/UFO from 2007, DONE!

This is an exciting day because I finished my first ever real knitted sweater today! I've done some shrugs before, and parts of little doll sweaters, but this is the first time I'm making an honest-to-goodness sweater. And it's also exciting because it's been a UFO since 2007! I took the time to learn to properly seam things, and the correct way to pick up stitches. . . I even learned to make buttonholes, but the buttons will have to be added some time in the future because I didn't have anything to suit on hand. Still, calling it done because technically the pattern wasn't meant to have buttons/buttonholes, but rather, to hang open and/or be closed with a pin or something.

Without further ado. . . My first real sweater:

I blogged the heck out of the making-of this thing on my Ravelry page for it, and if interested, the pattern can be had for free here, but if you're thinking of knitting it, I'd note that the hood seems to grow out of the shoulders, which personally, I think looks a little strange. Were I to knit it again, I'd probably alter it so that the hood starts closer to the neck. But I probably won't be knitting this again because there are so many other sweater patterns out there that I'm super excited to try next! ;)