Tuesday, December 18, 2012


So after the new 18c ensemble, and down-sizing all kinds of pattern. . . Then, I decided to finally start the historic costuming pattern line I've been dreaming of for over a decade, plus am still looking for a job, plus still taking doll classes, plus all-kinds-of-randomness! And now, of course, holiday madness. I'm crafting several of my presents as I haven't tons of funds this year due to the unemployment situation I'm in. In between this, I did do some mocking up of some of my "flexible size" pattern ideas, and even made a skirt, but by and large, I've been distracted.

This hasn't stopped me from daydreaming about still more sewing plans! A lot of the "flexible size" plans I had were paired up with lovely, flowery, lightweight cottons from my stash. Clearly, I don't feel like working on those any more when it's winter now! But I was able to pick different stash fabrics for some of those patterns, plus have some more ideas, and in the end, I've got a nice little collection of ideas to choose from. Oddly, they fell into two color themes: red/white/black, and purple/fuschia/black. And they involve a little of everything: dresses, separates, outerwear, knitted accessories. . . So definitely something for any mood that might take me.

So these are the things I'm thinking about for playing around with in January and through the rest of the cold weather months of 2013. As for the rest of 2012, I've got a few UFO's that have been sitting for far too long, one more Christmas gift to make, and then I really need to recover my vintage knitting bag/stand thing. I got it for so cheap because the bag part is old, dirty, and falling apart. I told myself I wouldn't use it until I recovered it, but it's just so handy! So I've kind of been putting my projects (clean and safe in their zip-loc plastic bags) into the stand. But, I can see how much better it will be when I don't have to additionally bag my projects. Also, today I jammed my finger into a pin that was hidden in the folds of the fabric, where someone years ago had attempted to stop the thing from falling apart. So now, this has become a matter of health and safety! Stay tuned on whether or not I end up dying of tetanus as oppoed to getting any of my sewing/knitting done!