Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wow! Sorry for vanishing for so long! It’s been madness, with work, summer fun, and other things I’ll be talking about in the near future. . . The good news is that I have a whole bunch of posts almost ready to go! I’ve got a couple of products I’m in love with that I want to talk about, and a couple of new outfits I’ve made or am making. I’ve been on a serious fashion making roll lately!

Today, I want to talk about these roller clips made by Conair:

I have an ancient set of hot rollers that I use, and I didn’t feel like I was ready to purchase a fancy new set, but wanted something better than those horrible u-shaped metal things that absolutely don’t hold my hair into the rollers! I decided to give these roller clips a try and I have to say, I love them! They make the whole curling process so much easier. I just roll my hair, and with a quick clip, voila! Done!

The one thing I found is that if you use them the way the model on the box does, you’re very likely to get little ridges in your hair, that you then have to either deal with or flat iron out, which is annoying. So, I tried angling them down a bit more, like this:

The result? Almost no ridges at all!

The only other comment I have about this product is that one box comes with 10, which totally isn't enough for me! So, I bought two sets. At about $10 per box of 10, they’re not super cheap when one has to buy two boxes, but they are cheaper than a fancy new curler set, and have made curling so much more easy and fun that they are totally worth it in my opinion. I got mine at Folica, but you might even be able to find them locally if you’re lucky, as Conair is a pretty commonly seen brand!


  1. Lovely! I have no patience with curlers but may give them a go after seeing this! xx

  2. I have a nightmare trying to get my hair curly...I use every product under the sun and if it needs to be curly for more tham 2hours have to leave the curlers in 24hours!
    Although I've worked out if I use sponge curlers on second day hair I can then pin curl my hair on the third day more easily. Unfortunatly this means its only practical at weekends. Unless its cold in which case I can get away with rolling frindge and pincurling the back of my hair which I cover with a beret.